The What, Why, When, and How of the Guardianship Process for Your Child who Needs a […]
Planning for funerals involves choosing among arrangements and funding through accounts, trusts or insurance.
The spousal allocation and spousal allowance are critical parts of protecting spouses when Indiana Medicaid is needed.
Indiana Medicaid planning is not complete until a comprehensive plan is in place. This goes well beyond the Medicaid application itself.
Passing away without a Will compounds the pain of loss with the pain of uncertainty and unintended consequences.
Passing away without a Will can have drastic implications for family left behind.
Here are a few quick ideas to get started on long-term care planning.
Family get-togethers are an excellent time to touch base and make sure everyone is alright. It is also an excellent time to talk about planning.
One of the greatest benefits of planning for long-term care in advance is avoiding having to rush through planning in a crisis.
Often, the terms “Living Will” and “Last Will” are used interchangeably, but in actuality, they are […]