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At CCSK, we strive to eliminate the complexities of law by taking the sophistication out of legal jargon and helping clients understand all of the options.

We tear down the walls that separate you from legal aide. We offer individuals and businesses in Northwest Indiana the legal services they need to protect their families and their assets.

Our Attorneys are helping individuals and businesses across Indiana.

Our team handles a variety of components of the law. We invite you to browse our practice areas to learn more about the type of legal help that we provide to individuals and businesses in Northwest Indiana.

If you, or anyone you know feels that their access to legal solutions is being restricted because of fear of expense, or confusion due to legalese, then call us today.


Meet The Team At CCSK

When Counsel of Carr, Skadberg, & Kazmierczak, LLC was formed, the first thing we realized was that’s a long name. So, we simplified it for you.
We are CCSK Law.

Isaac Carr

Business Law

Corporate Counsel

Real Estate Law

RG Skadberg

Wills, Trusts, Estates

Long Term Care


Kurt Kazmierczak


Criminal Law

Family Law

Matt Deulley

Intellectual Property

Business Law

Real Estate Law

Aaron Medley

Civil Litigation

Family Law

Creditor’s Rights

Daniel Timm

Business Law

Real Estate Law

Labor/Employment Law

Emily Evers

Law Clerk

Keith Kirkpatrick

Business Development Advisor

Lindsey Camp

Administrative Assistant


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