I meet with clients to help them understand options and solutions for their concerns with Medicaid, nursing home costs, planning, in-home care, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, plans to provide for children with disabilities, guardianship, probate, and estate administration,. I find it very helpful to assist people to put their legal questions and possible solutions in plain English. The time investment makes conversation and solution decisions easier for clients when they have a foundation of understanding.

The best evaluation of my work is the “exhale” moment a client has when he, she, or they give the sigh of relief because they know a concern carried for an extended time is resolved.

Recently, I worked with several parents of special needs children. In our conversations, I found they were confused by some planning tools and completely unaware of others. They were rightly concerned that their children’s support programs were at risk if their money passed to the child directly. However, previous conversations previous meetings with attorneys left them more confused, which kept them from doing anything. After a couple of meetings, we were able to create plans for each family, which included their financial advisor, so that everyone was on the same page. Most importantly the parents actually understood what the plans did for their children. It is a great privilege to assist parents to relieve their concerns of their child’s care after they can no longer provide care themselves.

In other situations, I helped clients reach the “exhale” moment by creating plans to address concerns about how to protect a surviving spouse, to distribute property to children with some protections when necessary, take care of businesses and farmland, provide for pets, as well as explain solutions to the nursing home spend-down.

It is important to understand that your planning needs are different your sibling, your friend, and neighbor. Different assets, family circumstances, and desires dictate different plans. Despite the long-held mantra that “everyone needs a Will” or some attorney’s pitch that everyone needs a Trust, it is not that cookie-cutter.

I encourage you to take a bit of time to meet with me to discuss your thoughts, needs, and concerns. We’ll start to identify some options that could be a part of your plan. Contact me to get started.

I am licensed to practice in the State Courts of Indiana and the U.S. Federal District Courts in the Indiana Northern District.

We met with other attorneys. They all talked over our heads. We did not understand, so we did not act. Here, I felt like I was listened to, heard, and we were given a solution we understood and that took care of our daughter.

Karen – mother of a child with special needs

When I could not get a straight answer from anyone – all I got was the run-around. Here, I found answers and a person who cared to listen to my problem, then helped me understand the solution. I was so happy!

Evelyn – widow who struggled with the legal and logistic issues after her husband’s passing.

  • American Bar Association (ABA)
  • Indiana State Bar Association (ISBA)
  • Lake County Bar Association (LCBA)
  • ISBA’s Probate, Trust & Real Property, Elder Law, and Agricultural Law Sections
  • LCBA’s Probate Section
  • National Association Elder Law Attorneys
  • Elder Law Answers
  • Wealth Counsel

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    • Indiana
    • U.S. Federal District Court, Indiana Northern District


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