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Creating Business Contracts in Northwest Indiana

We help new and established businesses create effective contracts. You build your business relationships on expectations between you and partners, members, contractors, vendors, joint ventures, and clients. Any of these business relationships can fail if both parties are not on the same page. That “same page” is your contract. Having a contract defines the expectations and prevents disputes before they arise.

At CCSK Law, we provide guidance on defining those expectations in a clear-cut manner. Furthermore, we transcribe your business relationship into an easily understandable agreement.

Even if you already have a working relationship, we will do our best to simply reflect your current arrangement onto a document that is customized to your business. During that process, we will help you identify possible issues that should be resolved so you know that your relationship is built on a solid foundation.

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Our Contract Services

  • Partnership & Operating Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Property Management Agreements
  • Joint Venture or Alliance Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Purchase and Service Agreements
  • Arbitration & Mediation Contracts
  • Contract Writing & Review
  • Business Writing

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