Understanding Probate

Probate is a legal process which affirms the validity of a last will and testament under United States law. The probate occurs in a surrogate court in the county of the deceased party, wherein the process will include a review, approval/denial of the will, and finally, appointment of an executor, who will be responsible for carrying out the will.

The probate is an important and necessary component of carrying out the estate, and must be conducted before the will can fully take effect, or assets may be distributed. However, this does have certain exceptions depending on the quantity of assets, as well as the number of beneficiaries. The best way to know whether you will need a probate for the will you are involved with, or to decide if you would like to retain a probate attorney, is to contact a Valparaiso probate attorney for a consultation.

The Indiana Probate Process

Although a Valparaiso probate attorney is not technically required for the probate process, probate and other estate related matters can quickly escalate into complicated affairs if the will includes either significant financial and real assets, multiple beneficiaries, or if the will has any chance of being contested by another party.

Considering the above, a probate may include:

  • Estate administration
  • Estate taxes
  • Transferring assets
  • Locating beneficiaries

The complexity of your unique scenario combined with all the separate areas a probate can entail, as well as emotional duress of dealing with the aftermath of the loss of a loved one, can make the probate process both inconvenient and challenging. For these reasons, hiring a Valparaiso probate attorney is strongly advised to accurately probate the will you are involved with. Your probate attorney will ensure the process is seamlessly completed while you enjoy peace of mind that the will is being administered correctly, and efficiently.

A Probate Attorney is Critical for Effective Representation

In cases where a will is either non-existent, incomplete, or has been rendered invalid, the probate court becomes comprehensively responsible for distributing assets and carrying out the estate. In these scenarios, you will absolutely want an experienced Valparaiso probate attorney to act on your behalf in a court of law to ensure that your best interests, and the best interests of your loved ones, are being accurately represented.

Apart from dealing with the logistics of the probate process, with an experienced Valparaiso probate attorney, you can be confident that you will be paying only what is required in probate taxes, that your assets are transferred securely and accurately, and finally, that all of your specific concerns about the probate and related processes are addressed.

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