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If you’re 18, 108, or any age in between,
you need some planning

It’s not just Estate Planning, Elder Law,

or Probate…It’s a plan for your life!

Ready to talk to someone about your life planning or a loved ones life planning?

Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate/ Administration… legal terms that cause more confusion than provide answers. 

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Questions you may already have:

  • Do I have an estate?

  • When am I “elder?”

  • What is Probate and can I avoid it?

You need some planning – legal Life Planning – to manage the intersection of your life and legal happenings.

It may be a medical emergency or a sudden need for someone to have access to financial information to assist you.

There shouldn’t be a “cookie cutter” solution because you and your family are not in the same situation as the family next door. Your situation is unique and so are your goals. Your plans should be unique to YOU.

What do you and your family need?

The answer – your Life Plan Answer – a unique-to-you situation. Your age, your children’s ages, parents’ ages, things you own, and many other things combine to determine options to address your Life Plan solution.

Learn more about some general Life Plan scenarios below. If you want to talk about your situation, schedule a initial conversation by clicking the “
Schedule Now” button below.

Life Planning for Young Adults

It may surprise you to know that even an 18-year-old need some legal planning. Appropriate decision-making documents can simplify any future issue, to help you.
It may be a financial, education, or medical emergency. Even a parent or a spouse, is not granted automatic access to information or authority to make decisions, talk to doctors, or have access to information without proper documentation.

Life Planning for Young Families

It’s not about estate planning… It’s about plans for you and your family’s life as well as the things you have earned and saved. Your plans will change as your family changes – new home, new baby, new assets, etc.

Life Planning for the Sandwich Generation

Everyone talks about Boomers, Millennials, X, Y, Z. However, few people talk about being sandwiched between a couple of those generations. Let alone, the stress, confusion, and concern about this new juggling act. We’re here for you! 

Life Planning for the Older Generation

Everyone talks about Boomers, Millennials, X, Y, Z. However, few people talk about being sandwiched between a couple of those generations. Let alone, the stress, confusion, and concern about this new juggling act. We’re here for you! 

Life Planning for Special Needs

Some family situations require additional plan considerations. Some parents need to make sure they provide for a child’s special needs. Other families have an asset or assets which require specific protections. It is important to address
those, proactively, to better control the situation instead of leaving it up in the air.

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