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Estate Planning & More

Because your life deserves a plan


My wife and I have been talking about life planning since our first child was born in 2009, but I never had the proper information to act on my wife’s request.

Then I met RG. 

My favorite part about having RG come to our house and plan our life was how comfortable he made my wife. As long has my wife feels good about his plan, I know I’ll have no issues with it as well.



People who have had family conflict due to lack of planning


Don't have an up-to-date will

Amount of time to get through probate process


Millennials have named a healthcare Power of Attorney

Three Steps to Win at Life


Allow Us to Create a Customized Plan

Set-up a free consultation to talk with an attorney that specifically deals with the area of law you need. We’ll help you understand your options and our approach to your exact situation. Learn More


Let’s Execute the Plan Together

After your questions are answered, consider hiring us! When you do, we’ll use our time together effectively. We’ll ask you to gather questions and documents needed to create and execute a plan for your life or business situation. Learn More


Breathe Easy & Get Back to Life

Congrats! You didn’t just hire an attorney – you hired an ally. Should you ever experience a situation when you need an attorney again, don’t sweat it. Put our problem-solving talent to work again. Learn More

When Should You Start Planning?

Questions to Ask Yourself


Who do you need/want to care for – right now and in the future?


What do you own?


How do you own it?


What do you want done with it?


What "wake-in-the-middle-of-the-night" concerns do you have?

Aren’t We Too Young? Do We Own Enough Assets?

The two most common questions we hear sound something like, ‘aren’t we too young to be thinking of estate planning?’ AND ‘do we really have enough assets to need a plan?’

The reality is life happens at every age and every income bracket. You wouldn’t drive without an insurance policy, why do so many of us life without a plan? We’ll help create essential documents and estate plans for individuals and their families ages 18 – 108.

What stage of life are you in? 


Young Adults 18+


Young Couples


Young Families with Minor Children


Families in Mid-Life


Sandwich Planning


Aging and Long-Term Care Needs

Navigating Special Needs, Second Marriages, & Probate Court

If you have a unique family situation – you’re not alone.  Here are just few special considerations we help families and business owners with everyday. 


Probate - What is it? Can You avoid it? (Short Answer: You Can!)


Second Marriage with Separate Children & Assets


Special Needs Care for Adult Child or Lifetime Care


Managed Distributions to Structure Time and Amount


Special Planning for Specific Property, Farm, or Businesses

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