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Legal Outsource Services - Integrated Counsel

Outsourcing legal counsel allows you to decrease your commitment and costs while gaining higher quality expertise to integrate into your team. With flexible contracting, you can hire us on a project, monthly or yearly basis. Due to the nature of outsourcing, you will save with greater efficiency and decreased employee benefits, bonuses, and administrative costs.

We are more than just legal counsel. We learn your business inside out as part of your team. We provide dedicated time and consultations to always be there when you need us.

  • Gain the benefit of in-house counsel without the commitment
  • Optimize costly resources with increasing efficiency
  • Obtain high quality legal work at a lower cost
  • Rely on a team you can trust to get the job done

Is Outsourcing Legal Counsel Right for You?


If you are unsure on how to answer to any of these questions, it’s worth having a discussion about having counsel:

Are you confident in where your business is going?
Are you on the best of terms with your supplier/ vendor contracts?
Does your business meet the required federal, state and local regulations?
Is your Human Resource Department in compliance?
Are your client contracts preventing you from higher turn around?
Could you be doing more to prevent lawsuit? Are you ready for if you face a lawsuit?
Are you negotiating the best deals on your agreements?
Have you addressed all environmental concerns?
Are your intellectual property rights (trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, & NDOs) protected?

We offer comprehensive legal business services to address your needs.

Business strategy and planning
HR review
Environmental concerns
Intellectual property protections
Federal, State and local regulatory compliance
Contract management
Contract review
Document drafting
Document production
Due diligence
General litigation support services
Arbitration support
Intellectual Property (IP) services
Legal research
Legal transcription


Our prices can save you anywhere from 50% to 75% of the cost for hiring in-house counsel.

Project Hiring: If you hire us on a project basis, an hourly rate will be provided, but we are always willing to discuss a flat fee arrangement.

Monthly and Yearly basis: We will provide a monthly or yearly fee that will cover the services you need. All services will include unlimited consultations and dedicated days for your business.

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