March 27, 2018

Can The Government Or Nursing Home Take My House For Long Term Care?

Porter County estate planning attorney RG Skadberg answers a common question regarding the fate of a home when one must move into a nursing home.
March 21, 2017

Hospitals Now Must Provide Notice About Observation Status

All hospitals must now give Medicare recipients notice when they are in the hospital under observation status. The notice requirement is part of a law enacted in 2015 but that just took effect.
February 8, 2017

Medicare Advantage Is It One or Is It a Disadvantage

219-230-3600 Attorney RG Skadberg observations from a doctor's waiting room - this year, many people shifted from the normal Medicare plan to a Medicare Advantage plan. I also observed, many people did not understand what that met. And worse, they just found out the doctor was not in network.
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