Life Planning

Life Planning

Estate Planning Basics: What Is a Beneficiary?

One of the most important aspects of your estate plan is ensuring that your loved ones will be taken care of after your death. There are many parts of the estate planning process that cover this, but one of the most important is naming your beneficiaries. The term might seem a bit technical, but it […]

Estate Planning Solutions: What is a Trust?

When building an estate plan, there are two main documents that you generally need to consider: a will and a trust. As we have previously discussed,1 a will is important for establishing a firm legal precedent for how you want your various assets to be handled. For some, it is the ideal option for handling […]

Comparing & Contrasting A Living Will & A Last Will

One of the many challenges of estate and life planning is that there are many documents that seem similar but serve very different purposes. For instance, it is easy to confuse the terms living will and last will and testament, but they are completely separate legal documents that meet different needs. As such, it is […]

Preparing For The Future: What is a Will?

When it comes time to estate planning, a will is one of the most important legal documents. Even if you have a good grasp on your current estate plans, there is no guarantee that your desires will be followed up on after your passing. Writing a will sets a hard legal precedent in terms of […]

Graduates: A Guide to Planning for Your Future

For many students, their final year of school or university can seem like a farewell party to their youth, a celebration of how far they have come and a time to look forward to their future. While there are plenty of people who work or have other responsibilities while attending school or university, graduation marks […]

Considering End-Of-Life Care: What Is An Advance Health Care Directive?

Nobody particularly likes thinking about death, but it presents a lot of questions that need to be answered, especially when it comes to how you or your loved ones want to be treated near the end of your life. You might think that you’ll be fine leaving it to the decisions of your doctors or […]

Estate Planning Essentials: What Is a Durable Power of Attorney?

As a person ages, their ability to make important decisions can become less clear. Additionally, they have a far greater chance of experiencing some kind of health situation in which they cannot voice their own wishes. In these scenarios, there needs to be someone in place who can make decisions for these people and act […]

Public Support Programs

Maximize and Protect Public Support Programs to Help Now and Protect Future Needs It is important for parents to know the options and what needs to be done to maintain and protect public support programs like: Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid, Child Benefits (under the Social Security work record of a parent) and associated Medicare, […]

Guardianship for Your Special Needs Child

The What, Why, When, and How of the Guardianship Process for Your Child who Needs a Lifetime of Care. “What happens if I can’t be here to take care of my child with special needs?” Regardless of a child’s needs, when a person turns 18, the “world” sees the person as his/her own legal person. […]

FSSA To Resume Standard Rules For Liabilities On March 1, 2021

Indiana Medicaid returning to pre-COVID-19 budget calculations

Funeral Planning

Planning for funerals involves choosing among arrangements and funding through accounts, trusts or insurance.

Transfers: How Things Are Done Matters

Transfers of assets have significant consequences when it comes to Indiana Medicaid. They must be handled carefully.

“A Nursing Home Can Do It” – But Who Is Being Protected?

Nursing homes often work with families on Indiana Medicaid applications. Nursing homes usually do not have all of the necessary information. They also have many other obligations.

Protecting the “At-Home” Spouse

The spousal allocation and spousal allowance are critical parts of protecting spouses when Indiana Medicaid is needed.

Medicaid Requires Other Planning

Indiana Medicaid planning is not complete until a comprehensive plan is in place. This goes well beyond the Medicaid application itself.

Planning Happens at the Margins

The details make the difference. Small adjustments over time can have drastic consequences.

When to Engage an Attorney

The decision to meet with an attorney is an important one. Here are a few things to consider.

Five Things Medicaid Looks for You to Mess Up

Indiana Medicaid is complicated. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid with nursing facility and waiver applications.

Five Things That You Should Know Now about Medicaid

Indiana Medicaid is complicated. Here are some quick concepts to get started.

Everyone Needs Help

We all need help. Build your team.

“100 Days” Does Not Mean 100 Days

The Medicare rehabilitative stay benefit can provide up to 100 days of benefits; however, that is rarely the case.

Medicaid Rules Are Strict and Detailed

Hard rules have sharp edges. Avoid getting cut.

Extensive Document Collection

Applying for Indiana Medicaid requires a considerable set of documents to prove the applicant's situation.

The Second Sting: Dying without an Estate Plan

Passing away without a Will compounds the pain of loss with the pain of uncertainty and unintended consequences.

Delay = Stress, Worry & Expense

Delay limits planning options and forces families to perform the same number necessary actions in far less time.

Chadwick Boseman Dies without a Will

Passing away without a Will can have drastic implications for family left behind.

Five Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Ahead with Planning

Here are a few quick ideas to get started on long-term care planning.

Planning To Protect Assets

Medicaid planning often includes asset protection with strict requirements

Home for the Holidays

Family get-togethers are an excellent time to touch base and make sure everyone is alright. It is also an excellent time to talk about planning.

Planning Ahead Means Being Able to Focus on What is Important When it Matters the Most

One of the greatest benefits of planning for long-term care in advance is avoiding having to rush through planning in a crisis.

Paying for Nursing Home Care

There are several main ways that families use to pay for long-term care in a nursing home or at home.

Three Key Differences Between A Living Will And A Last Will And Testament

Often, the terms “Living Will” and “Last Will” are used interchangeably, but in actuality, they are completely different legal documents that serve separate purposes. So many people have heard “you need a Will.” Unfortunately, it is not clear what that means, which document someone might mean, and the actual process to put a “will” in […]

Accidentally Disinherited Child

“What is Estate Planning & Why Do I Care” Information Series – Accidental Disinherit Parents accidentally disinherit children more often than they realize, and it can be prevented. Proper planning to protect in case of a second marriage or long-term, non-married relationship. A Last Will cannot help if assets don’t go through Probate. But why […]

Do I Need Probate?

One of the common questions I get is “Do I need Probate when someone dies?” There is also the question “What is Probate?” When someone dies, there is a flood of emotions. In addition, there is concern regarding what needs to happen, worry about things to do, and confusion. In my upcoming eBook “What to […]

What if I entered the United States on a tourist visa, but I’m married to a US Citizen?

If you entered the United States on a tourist visa and arecurrently married to a US citizen, you will generally be allowed to remain in the US to get your green card, even if you overstayed your visa. As the spouse of a US Citizen, you can file both your immigrant petition and application for a […]

Medicaid Application and Eligibility

Medicaid Application and Medicaid Eligibility – (Medi-confusing) Currently, Medicaid pays more than half of the long-term care expenses in nursing homes in the U.S. To receive such support, a person needs to understand the Medicaid Application and Medicaid Eligibility process. It is also important to understand that your situation is different than anyone else. You […]

Can The Government Or Nursing Home Take My House For Long Term Care?

A common question asked by elderly clients and their families is “When planning for Long-Term Care (LTC), is it possible to protect their home after mom moves into a nursing home?” A very “lawyerly” answer is “Yes and No.” This is why people love talking to attorneys so much. Nursing home costs and expenses are […]

Bankruptcy: What If I’m Behind On Utility Payments?

When it comes to determining if you are going to file a bankruptcy a number of questions begin popping up. People ask about student loans, homes, cars, etc. It is often not until they are just about to file that some of the more subtle questions are asked. One of those questions is: What Happens […]

500 Turkeys Turkeypalooza

Turkeypalooza is all about a day of family fun. However, even more fun for CCSK Law is the opportunity to help support 500 Turkey’s effort to feed 1,300 families this Thanksgiving. Sunday, August 6, a great family fun event happens with music, food, and family-oriented activities. Hundreds of people from the Northwest Indiana area converge […]

Can I Protect My Life Savings From Nursing Home Expenses?

Nursing homes provide services for the elderly who cannot adequately care for themselves. However, the cost of a nursing home is steep, especially if you have to stay there long-term. Many individuals believe that Medicare will pay for nursing home costs and expenses, but there are limitations. While Medicaid can cover nursing home care, unfortunately, […]

How Can An Elder Law Attorney Help Me Plan For My Parents’ Care?

An elder law attorney can be a trusted advisor and an advocate for you and your aging parents. An Elder Law Attorney handles a variety of legal issues an elderly person faces including matters related to estate planning, planning for long term care, health care, Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, retirement, guardianship, and other important issues. In […]

Major Life Events Means It’s Time to Create A Will: Marriage, Divorce, Adoption

A will is considered a type of legal document that provides instructions on how to distribute your assets upon your death. If you die in Indiana without a will in place, Indiana intestate laws will determine who inherits all of your assets depending on their relationship to you. Accordingly, if you have certain distribution goals […]

Seven Key Points Of Planning An Estate When You Own Stocks and/or a Business

If you hold stock or you have your own business, you may decide that you want to keep the stock and/or business within your family or sell them, in the event of your death. Either way, careful and thorough planning can ensure a successful transfer or transition. The following are some key points to consider […]

Hospitals Now Must Provide Notice About Observation Status

All hospitals must now give Medicare recipients notice when they are in the hospital under observation status. The notice requirement is part of a law enacted in 2015 but that just took effect. Signed by President Obama in August 2015, the law was intended to prevent surprises after a Medicare beneficiary spends days in a […]

Medicare Advantage Is It One or Is It a Disadvantage

Medicare Doctor does not Mean Medicare Advantage Doctor Medicare Advantage plans are a popular alternative to regular Medicare because the plans often offer lower out-of-pocket costs, but buyers need to make sure they know what they are paying for. The other day, I made a rare visit to a doctor’s office. Consistent with past experience, […]

Immigration Scams

Many people who have Immigration Law issues are ripe to be scammed Today I met with a client, and heard the same story I keep hearing since I began practicing immigration law. The client paid a different attorney thousands of dollars to help him with his immigration case, then the attorney disappeared and nothing ever […]

Is Estate Planning Only for the Wealthy?

You may not feel like it, but you have an “estate”: property and other assets that belong to you and that will be given to others upon your death. The Myth Of Estate Planning Unfortunately, a prevailing perception amongst many individuals in Valparaiso and across Indiana is that there is a “magic income level” that […]

7 Questions to Ask When You First Meet with an Indiana Estate Planning Lawyer

Meeting with an estate planning lawyer for the very first time can often feel intimidating – especially if neither you nor your family are the types of people who believe they need an estate plan. It is common for new clients to not know what questions they ought to ask. After your first meeting with […]

Parents Dilemma – Guardianship of Young Children

One of the major considerations a young parent is the guardianship appointment. It is not a simple determination. There are several things to consider. What is Guardianship According to Indiana Legal Services, Guardianship appoints a person (other than the child’s parent) with legal custody and control over your child. With this legal authority, the guardian […]

A Mother’s Worry – The Tragic Death of Parents of Young Children

Parents with young children, especially mothers, worry about what will happen to their children if the parents unexpectedly die. While the concern that the State will claim custody is rarely an issue, who will be given custody is a legitimate worry. In the last couple of months, I have had the pleasure to meet with […]

5 Essential Documents and 5 Essential Questions

Many times, people believe an estate plan is accomplished with a “Will.” Many do not know or understand why. Additionally, they do not know that a “Will” is not enough, and, in fact, may not be necessary. “You know, you need to get a Will.” “Make sure you have a Will.” “My wife and I […]

You’ve Got the Power with a Power of Attorney

Indiana Elder Law Planning: Power of Attorney versus Guardianship – You can pay now (and pay less) or you can pay later (with more cost and time required). In this rapidly changing world, many people find – too late – that a doctor or a bank requires legally appointed authority to act. A person can […]

Elder Law Radio Show

Elder Law Attorney, RG SKadberg Visits Money Matters with Greg Farrall Radio Show It is like going home again, with a twist. Attorney RG Skadberg worked in radio for more than 15 years. So, he never passes up an opportunity to get behind the mic. Add to that, an opportunity to educate listeners about Elder Law issues, […]

Activities of Daily Living and Long-Term Care Determination

Elder Law Plans and Medicaid Eligibility – The Role of Activities of Daily Living in Long-Term Care Plans Elder Law Attorney’s take into account client’s ability to achieve Activities of Daily Living, without human assistance. These ADLs quantify an individual’s ability to accomplish necessary daily tasks on one’s own or if assistance is required. Also, […]

Business Planning

Business Planning

Managing An LLC: Why You Need An Operating Agreement

All businesses need a certain degree of structure to function effectively, but some are less formal than others. For instance, a limited liability company (or LLC) offers personal...

Independent Contractor Agreements: Everything You Need to Know

With a few notable exceptions, you cannot run a business entirely by yourself. Even if you are a solopreneur, you will probably need to hire someone to work...

At Your Service: The Ins & Outs of Service Contracts

As a business owner, it is important to set clear expectations about the services you provide and how they will be performed. This is especially true for service...

Doing Your Homework: The Importance of Due Diligence in Real Estate

Anyone who has bought real estate before knows that signing a contract to purchase a property is just the beginning. Once you have made an offer on a...

Repair or Improvement: What’s the Difference and Why It Matters

As a landlord, you will inevitably need to make repairs and improvements to your rental property. These are necessary both to keep existing tenants happy and to attract...

How Much Should You Raise Your Rent: Raising Rent at a Reasonable Rate

In our last blog, we talked about the important and inevitable challenge of raising rent. While no tenant is ever happy about paying increased rent, landlords occasionally need...

Raising Rent Without Raising Resentment: Balancing Landlords Tenants’ Needs

No matter how equitable and understanding their relationships might be, there is almost always a degree of tension and conflict between landlords and their tenants. After all, it...

Landlords & The American Rescue Plan, Part 3: Aid Provided for Real Estate Actors

Over the past few blog posts, we have gone over the American Rescue Plan for 2021, including the context surrounding its introduction and some of the many benefits...

Landlords & The American Rescue Plan, Part 2: Where Is The Money Going?

In our last blog, we broke down some of the basics surrounding the recently passed American Rescue Plan for 2021. We discussed the context surrounding the legislation, some...

Landlords & The American Rescue Plan, Part 1: Breaking Down the Basics

On March 11th, 2021, President Joe Biden signed off on the American Rescue Plan of 2021,1 the third stimulus legislation passed since the beginning of the COVID-19...

The Business Value of Non-Compete & Non-Disclosure Agreements

Keeping sensitive business information a secret can mean the difference between a company’s survival or its demise. Additionally, while competition is an important part of a healthy business...

Allowing Tenants With Pets: Understanding the Pros & Cons

When you decide to become a property manager, you have to make hard decisions regarding the daily operations of your building. After all, even relatively small choices...

The Biden Administration’s Federal Eviction Moratorium Extension, Part Three: Managing the Eviction Ban Extension as a Landlord

In our last blog, we looked further into the federal eviction moratorium, how it relates to President Biden’s “American Rescue Plan,” and the issues that both landlords and...

The Biden Administration’s Federal Eviction Moratorium Extension, Part Two: Biding Time For The “American Rescue Plan”

In our last blog, we looked back at last year’s eviction moratorium, its recent extension, and what it has meant for both renters and landlords. Initially put in...

The Biden Administration’s Federal Eviction Moratorium Extension, Part One: Here We Go Again

Last year, in an effort to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, former President Donald Trump enacted the CARES Act, which included a massive stimulus bill and...

COVID-19 & Insurance, Part 4: Important Questions & Working With Tenants

In our last blog post, we talked about the various court cases looking at business interruption insurance policies and the pandemic, including the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on...

COVID-19 & Insurance, Part 3: Understanding COVID-Insurance Litigation

In our last blog, we discussed some of the various insurance policies that landlords have turned to during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though many of these policies were meant...

COVID-19 & Insurance, Part 1: Insurance During the Pandemic

As we’ve covered in many of our previous blogs, the devastating economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis and the congressional delays in approving more pandemic relief have left...

Tenants or Landlords: Who Is Responsible For Repairs?

Being a landlord comes with a number of responsibilities regarding the maintenance of your property, with state and local laws requiring you to ensure that tenants have a...

Navigating The Pandemic As Landlord, Part 2: How to Negotiate With Tenants

In our last blog, we discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted both landlords and tenants. While both parties have faced major setbacks this year, tenants have a...

Navigating The Pandemic As Landlord, Part 1: Understanding the Tenant’s Perspective

As we have covered in many of our recent blogs, COVID-19 has created unique challenges for property managers, who’ve been forced to reckon with sudden economic and social...

How Technology & COVID-19 Are Changing Property Management, Part Three: Adapting to a Changing Market

As we’ve discussed in our last few blog posts, COVID-19 has completely reshaped commercial real estate and property management. Granted, the industry was already undergoing some serious changes...

How Technology & COVID-19 Are Changing Property Management, Part Two: Ensuring Tenant Safety

In our last blog post, we talked about how COVID-19 has impacted property management and how technology is being used to mitigate risks and provide options to safely...

How Technology & COVID-19 Are Changing Property Management, Part One: Facilitating Safe Communication

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended the real estate market, having forced landlords and property managers to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing industry....

Millennial Renters & COVID-19 – Part Three: Protections For Real Estate Managers

With our last two blogs, we covered the unique challenges faced by millennial renters and the steps that real estate managers could take to work with them towards...

Millennial Renters & COVID-19 – Part Two: How Property Managers Can Work With Millennial Renters

In our last blog, we discussed the unique challenges faced by millennial renters and how they can create conflict between them and property managers. With COVID-19 creating a...

Millennial Renters & COVID-19 – Part One: Understanding Millennial Renters

2020 has been a challenging year for property managers, as the COVID-19 pandemic has put a considerable financial strain on both property managers and their tenants. The U.S....

COVID-19 and the Eviction Moratorium: Part Three – What Property Managers Can Do

With the introduction of the Centers for Disease Control’s recent eviction moratorium, there has been a lot of discussion about how both renters and property managers will respond....

COVID-19 and the Eviction Moratorium: Part Two – How It Works

In our last blog, we talked about the various federal and state attempts to mitigate COVID-19’s impact on the real estate and rental market. From the $2.2 trillion...

COVID-19 and the Eviction Moratorium: Part One – Stimulus Bills

The COVID-19 pandemic has made these strange and unpredictable times, leading to significant financial consequences both in the short-term and the long-term. Virtually every industry has faced hardships...

Property Management Reporting: What Does & Doesn’t Go Into A Report

One of the most important things that a property manager needs to do is keep in-depth and accurate information on their business and the properties they watch over....

Self-Management vs. Third-Party Property Management: Knowing the Pros & Cons

When someone buys a rental property, one choice that they have to make early on is whether they want to manage it themselves or hire a property manager...

10 Ways To Find & Keep Quality Tenants In Your Rental Property

Whether you are a landlord or a property manager, your primary goal should be to fill your apartments or other rental properties with reliable and qualified tenants. Yet...

Be Aware & Be Prepared: 10 Tips For First-Time Landlords

Starting out as a landlord can be a daunting challenge, as there are so many possible things that can go wrong when you are working, especially if you...

The “Cash For Keys” Agreement: Knowing When To Compromise With Trouble Tenants

No matter how good of a landlord you are, you will inevitably have to deal with some trouble tenants. You could have the fairest practices and the most...

Managing Your Property Investments: Balancing the Investor-Manager Equation

A time-honored tradition among many modern entrepreneurs, estate holding and management can be a rewarding business opportunity. However, it can also be intimidating to first-time business owners, as...

Making Space For Your Business: Understanding The Commercial Lease Process

Even in an age where many businesses operate almost entirely online, finding the right location for your company is essential for establishing its long-term success. This not only...

Understanding Municipal Utilities & Rental Properties in Indiana: A Brief Guide for Landlords & Tenants

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the process of renting or leasing a property comes with its fair share of complications and challenges. One of the...

Defaults & Holdovers: Troubleshooting Concerns & Addressing Solutions

The Tenant-Landlord relationship can be a contentious one, as is usually the case when money and property are involved. Even when the rules of renting and leasing are...

Next In Line: The Benefits & Challenges of Grooming Your Successor

Though many business owners who are looking to step down from their position would prefer to simply select an eligible employee to take over and move on from...

How Landlords Can Adapt to the COVID-19 Crisis

Due to the health impacts and job losses caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, it has become difficult for many people across the country to make their rent payments....

Loan Forgiveness Details for Payroll Protection Plan under CARES Act $350 Billion to Small Businesses

New question for update:

"How is this affected by employees that have already claimed unemployment? And, while I realize the compensation varies by...

CARES Act passed with $350 Billion to Small Businesses: Payroll Protection Plan loan forgiveness

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (the "CARES Act") a $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package passed into law through the House and signed by the president.

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Business as a Group Effort: The Benefits & Drawbacks of Selling to All of a Company’s Employees

In an early post, we discussed the benefits and challenges of selling a business to a key employee. It is an option that allows you to put someone familiar with...

Purchase your Commercial Real Estate Anonymously

Maybe you would like to remain anonymous to any tenants who rent from you.  Maybe you are buying the building from your competitor. Maybe you don’t want any...

How Landlords can prevent Holdovers & Default Tenants

The Tenant-Landlord relationship can be a contentious one, as is usually the case when money and property are involved. Even when the rules of renting and leasing are generally well...

Purchase your Commercial Real Estate Anonymously

Maybe you would like to remain anonymous to any tenants who rent from you.  Perhaps you are buying the building from your competitor. Possibly, you don’t want any...

LOIs: When do you use Letters of Intent

Letters of Intent (or LOIs) are like getting engaged before you get married. For business transactions, LOIs reflect the major terms of the parties and the intent to...

Recipe for an Entity Part 3: Corporations as your Business

What does it even mean to start a business? How do I do it right?...

Recipe for an Entity: Part II

What does it even mean to start a business? How do I do it right?...

Recipe for an Entity: Part I

What does it even mean to start a business? How do I do it right?...

Big Picture Business Part III: The Value of Core Values

So at this point, you have your mission and vision, with various goals, objectives, and tasks to make your business successful! But you hit a problem,...

There is No Hope

Its time to get real.

There is no hope. And if you have hope, you shouldn’t. Hope will make you strive for ridiculous and...

Expectations for Your Partners Part III: 3 Types of Partnerships to Beware

You and your brother have started a business and you both are going to run the business together. Great! Except for the fact that you have never worked...

Expectations for Your Partners Part II: 3 Concerns Every Operating Agreement Should Address

Obviously, there are more than 3 things that an Operating Agreement must address, including tax allocations, managing capital accounts, organization of meetings, accounting, and bank information, confidentiality, and...

Big Picture Business Part II: Executing your Mission and Vision

Now you’ve got your mission and vision, what do you do with them? With your Mission and Vision, you can draw actionable goals, objectives, and tasks. When problems...

Expectations for Your Partners Part I: How an Operating Agreement Could Save your Business

Your business relationships are built on expectations and your most important business relationship would be your business partner. However, that relationship will crumble if your expectations are not...

Big Picture Business Part I: Why Your Mission and Vision Matter

Many business owners do not take their big-picture seriously, or they do not even have their big picture on paper. Sometimes, business owners do not think big picture...

Top 5 Ways to Limit Your Liability

Limiting liability is one of the largest concerns for any business owner. Sometimes it’s in the form of asset protection, other times it's minimizing business and (especially) personal...

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All businesses need a certain degree of structure to […]
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