May 3, 2018

What if I entered the United States on a tourist visa, but I’m married to a US Citizen?

Entered the US on tourist visa and married to a US Citizen
January 11, 2017

Immigration Scams

Today I met with a client, and heard the same story I keep hearing since I began practicing immigration law. She was another victim of an Immigration scam. The client paid a different attorney thousands of dollars to help him with his immigration case, then the attorney disappeared and nothing ever happened.
November 17, 2016

Activities of Daily Living and Long-Term Care Determination

ADLs quantify an individual’s ability to accomplish necessary daily tasks on one’s own or if assistance is required. When considering Elder Law Planning, ADLs play an essential role in a whether a person can be in a nursing home care, meets Medicaid eligibility, or to needs a long-term care insurance policy activated, .
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