About CCSK Law

Law. Simplified. For You.

When Carr, Chelovich, Skadberg, & Kazmierczak, LLC was formed, the first thing we realized was that’s a long name. So, we simplified it for you. Just call us CCSK Law.

At CCSK, we strive to eliminate the complexities of law by taking the sophistication out of ligation. We tear down the walls that separate you from legal solutions. If you, or anyone you know feels that their access to legal aid is being restricted because of fear of expense, or confusion due to legalise, then call us today.

It is our belief that justice is not served when a person does not pursue a legal solution when one is available. If you, or someone you love is expeirencing the following, we might be able to help:

  • an unnecessary Probate which results in substantial, unnecessary time and expense;
  • a parent does not receive proper custody or visitation;
  • a creditor improperly compels payment;
  • a person is improperly harmed by a breach of contract;
  • a family is not properly compensated for an injury caused by another person, a facility, or doctor; or
  • a spouse, son or daughter who spends tens of thousands of dollars in a nursing home when it was not required.

The CCSK Law Approach

We firmly believe in being upfront and honest with all of our clients. We love the law, and our greatest passion is serving those who need it.

At CCSK, what you see is what you get and because of that, there are no hidden gimmicks or catches at our law firm. Our approach to law is simple, direct, and decisive. Your needs, and the needs of those around you are our first priority.

If you have a legal issue, have a question about something that may be an issue, or are interested in attending an upcoming free legal information event:

We look forward to helping you find your own, personal legal solution.

Law. Simplified. For You.

Our Purpose

Law is an integral part of our society. It is entwined in all of our lives and ties us together into a system that can build and grow as one design and ever expanding community. A business that does not provide a benefit to society is defeating its very purpose, and law is no exception. Rather, those who practice law are held to an even greater standard than most other businesses. Just as a lawyer has a fiduciary responsibility for the betterment and protection of their client, so does a law firm to its community. Therefore, we are more than simply a business. We strive to provide a benefit to our community and uphold our fiduciary responsibility. We revere the ethical guidelines provided by society, and build upon those with our own mission, vision, and core values.

Our Mission: “Who We Are”

“Our firm provides convenient, simplified, and comprehensive quality legal services using progressive and innovative technology to serve our clients through a network of attorneys.”

We always supplement quality with convenience as both are necessary to be competitive in today’s market. We will maintain and constantly grow our practice using progressive and innovative technology for a better client experience and the most efficient processes for our attorneys. We simplify the law. Our goal is to bring the law to you in an understandable and reachable manner. Of course there is complexity behind our simple explanation, but you can rely on us to be your conduit. Let us bear the burden of that complexity for you. We also endeavor to be comprehensive. When you have a legal issue, no matter the field, you should think of our Firm. From Bankruptcy to Business, Estate Planning to Immigration, we provide it all through our network of attorneys. Our attorneys may have differing areas of practice, but we are more than attorneys; we are consultants and advocates.

Our Vision: “Where We Are Going”

“We believe in continuously progressing, innovating, and simplifying the practice of law by collaborating with clients and colleagues in order to make a positive impact on our clients and to make a meaningful contribution to society.”

We strive to redefine the practice of law. Traditionally, law firms have seen themselves as superior to clients, novice attorneys, and business as a whole. Such ideas of grandiose have provoked the downfall for the traditional law firms. We believe that truly enabling a collaborative environment with you will create a more enjoyable and respected experience. If we are not positively impacting you or making a meaningful contribution to our society, then our purpose is frustrated. While can’t promise 100% wins, we will be there for you through the rough times.

Our Core Values: “What We Believe”

We believe that core values are a critical component to the way a business is run. These virtues are the foundation of the Firm and will not be sacrificed at any cost. We promise that each Attorney always uphold these values:

  • Innovation: We never use the excuse “but we’ve always done it that way.” Constantly challenging the status quo to improve your experience is a top priority for progressing our Firm, as well as the practice of law.
  • Excellence: We will perform the highest quality of excellence in our services and advisement. We do common and uncommon things uncommonly well.
  • Honesty: Be open and honest in all communications. We believe honesty stems from being real, simple, and straightforward as possible. By being completely honest in our communications about what is working and what is not, we can use synergy to optimize your solutions.
  • Respect: Respect every person, whether client or opponent, in both success and failure. We approach you with tremendous respect, appreciation, and humility. We establish our relationships built on trust and integrity. The golden rule guides our actions.
  • Determination: Always go the extra mile for you. We hold ourselves to an exceedingly high standard and do whatever we can to improve ourselves, help you, and to obtain the best results.
  • Optimism: We bring a culture of possibilities to our work. We act today to change tomorrow. Our optimism does not cloud our realism, but rather provides us with the strength and persistence to always push forward within the scope of realism.

Our mission, vision, and core values are the foundation of our business, define who we are, and differentiate us from the competition. As such, we promise to create a shared sense of purpose that can be attained by client and can steer our Firm’s course for the changing future.

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