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The Indiana Health Coverage Program Policy Manual (IHCPPM) sets out the requirements for Medicaid eligibility in Indiana. It is hundreds of pages long and can be changed with limited prior notice to the public. Medicaid caseworkers use this manual, their training, and agency guidance to process Medicaid applications. This is a very complicated process.

The rules set out in the Manual treat different assets differently. Also, the rules vary depending on the specific program involved. In some cases, the date that a given asset was acquired can control which rule applies. Applicants are expected to comply with the requirements whether they are aware of them or not. This can be confusing and stressful.

Working with an attorney knowledgeable of the rules and procedures is essential. An elder law attorney can prepare the necessary supporting documents. Also, he or she can help the applicant with collecting other supporting records and presenting them to the caseworker.

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