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When a loved one has a medical crisis, we want to focus on their care. We do not want to worry about applications or finding old records. Sorting through finances and planning while helping a loved one move to a facility for long-term or rehabilitative care adds stress and worry that can be avoided. Often, this is what happens. There is a better way.

We should have a complete plan in place in advance. Then, rather than wondering what to do, we can focus on moving forward in a constructive way. Planning ahead allows us to have materials in place so that we do not need to hunt for documents during a crisis. These include an inventory of assets, an income summary and records. Moreover, we should have powers of attorney in place ahead of time. Then, we can focus on what has to happen rather than whether there is someone with the ability to take the necessary actions. If we get these steps done in advance, then we have more time to to do what is necessary.

More than anything else, planning in advance can avoid confusion and see the loved one’s goals fulfilled.

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