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Part III: The Value of Core Values

So at this point, you have your mission and vision, with various goals, objectives, and tasks to make your business successful! But you hit a problem, what do you do? You turn to your trusty core values!Your core values are the beliefs your business cherishes most. It states “What we believe.” The values are crucial when problems arise because the <<solution>> must meet your values.When that obstacle arises, as it inevitably will, this is where your core values shine because your solution must meet your values.For example, you have to fire one employee for cost purposes and your core values include “Compassion: we treat employees like family.” Then firing an employee without notice, changing the locks, and leaving his stuff on the curb wouldn’t exactly meet your core values. Often times, if you’re trying to figure out how to fix something, you can look at your core values to get ideas.It is important to implement your core values on every level of your business. The people you hire will face problems, and they should find solutions with the same values as the company. Discussing a potential employee’s core values during an interview can help you determine if that person is a good fit for your business.You will inevitably experience problems while trying to accomplish your goals, so have your core values ready. This has been the final part: Big Picture Business Part III. Check our Part I and Part II to learn more about big picture business.

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